Master The Art Of Ink As A Tattoo Artist

You should be master in drawing first if you want to become a professional tattoo artist. And if you know drawing already then you need to practice it and polish your skill. If you don’t know the drawing then there is no sense of choosing the tattooing as career. Also it is important to work on your portfolio with some realistic designs. After completion of portfolio you can search for a good place for apprenticeship. It may be paid or free of cost but you will learn lots of important and latest techniques under the supervision of professional designers. Being an apprentice is like being a student so you have to pay attention on each and every technique to become proficient artist. But there is a provision to fill up apprenticeship contract before joining them so make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully.

Tattoo Artist Job Description

When you learn to tattoo then you can look forward to get the job in this field. But you have to keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to insert non-toxic or indelible pigments into client’s skin for making ornamental or decorative design. You can use your imagination power or creativity to create the tattoo on client’s body or you can ask your client if he already have specific design with him.

What are the duties of Tattoo Artist?

One of the major responsibilities of tattoo artist is meet the clients and have conversation about the estimated price of tattoo, colour, size and location in body.

Tattoo artists should take the responsibility of promoting the services with different attractive medium.

There should be a detailed discussion about client’s requirement related to tattoo

Before making the final tattoo it is important to make a traced outline on the location of the body where the actual tattoo is going to make to make clear vision.

The most important thing to note is to use sterilized needle and proper sanitation of the equipment is required.

While making tattoo on client’s body it is important to use indelible ink and proficiently use electric needle

After completion of task bandage is required on tattoo

Share all the necessary details about the after-care requirement and product usage with your client

Where do Tattoo Artists Work?

Working for a studio – most of the tattoo artists have their carer as trainee for a studio so that they can have experience in this field and they get paid on commission basis.

Renting a chair – In such condition tattoo artist pay rent to the studio owner for his chair.

Owning a studio – tattoo artists who have much working experience can open their own studio anywhere freely.

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