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In the workplace safety is the most important factor. It is essential that set of right tools is used while carrying the task. The person is operating te high-end machines need to have the appropriate level of training to handle the work efficiently. If these things are managed correctly and as per the rules, the amount of work-related accidents could be kept to the minimum. It will also allow to carry out the work with awareness and confidence. Some equipment requires a superior degree training. While some machinery is easy as well as safe to use. However, there might be possibilities of hazard that needs to be aware of. 

Elevated Work Platform is one such equipment that is dangerous to use if not provided with appropriate guidance and training so EWP License is needed before usinmg it. This mechanical device is used to access the areas that are at a height. EWP is also known as aerial work platforms. It is typically used in the construction sites to reach the desirable height such as the building sites. The elevated platform consists of a railing around the small base of the platform along with the mechanical arm. The person operating the platform has to stand on the platform and has to rise or move down from the topmost height. The arm motion needs to be controlled, and it requires immense proficiency in handling the entire machine. It works on the pneumatic technology. Hence, it demands controlling an array of things at a time. Some workers carry heavy materials while traveling to heights on these lifts. The particular load is restricted to be carried on these lifters depending on the place of the work. These things will be followed only if the operator has the right knowledge and proficiency in his work.

EWP licence can be obtained only if the person applying for it has the correct set of knowledge and sufficient training to carry out work at elevated heights. The worker can operate the Elevated Work Platform only if he has this license. The person having a license can be a part of several projects where the worker will be required to work at heights. Working at heights is a risky situation. Hence, one could not compromise with the training. 

The operation of such high-end machinery is taught at specific school so that the person is educated about the machine completely. The schools are equipped with the machineries of good quality so that the person can practice efficiently. These schools are well recognized for providing adequate assistance to all the enrolled persons. By the end of the training session, the person will be aware of the techniques to operate and control the EWP and to work with ease at extreme heights.

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