Different Types Of Advanced Driving Training Academies

Many people want to learn advanced driving techniques after learning basic techniques. These techniques will help you to be a pro driver and brush your skills of driving in critical roads too. Advanced academies are not for learning basic driving procedures, techniques, rules and etiquette. These academies would teach you whether the driving type is defensive or protective or performance or rare.

The many types of driving academies

There are different types of driving schools, and some of the most common and popular are – Defensive, Protective, Performance and Rare. If anyone wants to gain expert knowledge of different techniques, handling and high speed usage, you should attend advanced training school.

Defensive driving schools can be defined in various ways. A defensive driver remains confident and cautious about the wheels. He/she knows the technique of handling a vehicle. Awareness is also very important feature of defensive drivers. They could easily assume the other drivers ’actions to prevent accidents. Defensive driving will teach you the reactions during driving every day. This type of driving teaches the safety strategies and techniques to avoid hazards on the roads. Most of the accidents are caused due to the overconfidence and hesitance of drivers. Defensive driving is the medium situation of these two extremes.

A protective driving academy is designed for those people who seek to learn the highest measures to be taken in vehicles for the purpose of protecting passengers and avoiding accidents. This type of driving is especially for bodyguards, law enforcement personnel and bounty hunters. Protective driving is necessary for the people who are doing specific lines of jobs.

Performance driving academies give training of handling vehicles under difficult conditions and at high speeds. An example of performance driving is Stunt car driving. Performance driving does not mean racing but it is part of this type of driving. Trainees would learn how to drive in corners with high speeds, E-brake, how to use brake combination, spin out, clutch and other difficult situations. Racing techniques are also part of performance driving academies. There are also other specific schools for racing techniques.

Race car driving academies provide experiences of driving at high speeds with many difficulties. It may be a part of performance driving academies. It depends on the discretion of the particular academy. Different types of car racing can be learned in these schools like off road, drag racing and many more.

Advanced driving training academies are available for several types of driving techniques. Among those, few techniques cannot be applied on the roads daily. Before deciding the appropriate training school you should choose what you would want to do after getting training from the school.

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